Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Covert technical surveillance is increasingly used illegally against individuals and companies in order to acquire private and confidential information for gain.

Protecting your business is our business

TSCM is a highly specialised and technical skill which involves a continuum of techniques based on the level of the perceived or proven threat, and the nature of the potential perpetrator.    

Illegal applications of covert technical surveillance typically comprise:

  • Industrial espionage
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Criminal intent such as fraud, extortion, blackmail, kidnap, identity theft and burglary

3e’s TSCM surveys are conducted by qualified technicians on any premises, moveable property or vehicle by means of visual, electronic and physical examination in order to detect the presence of technical surveillance devices from the most basic ‘quick plant’ device to professional ‘deep plant’ installations.  3e can also deploy passive radiation monitoring equipment to detect devices which only illuminate when triggered by activity (eg conversation, usage).

On discovery of a covert surveillance device, 3e can provide various solutions in order to prove identification and evidence of the end user associated with the device.