Secure Communications

The threat to devices which “roam” (mobile phones, laptops, tablets) increases exponentially when travelling in countries where the crime risk is greater. Tourists and employees are typically unaware of the risk posed by different environments and do not change their behaviours to compensate. Implementing passive, device specific protections is recommended practice.

Protecting your business is our business

3e can provide a variety of solutions to ensure that data remains secure and / or hidden whether on a laptop, mobile phone or other portable device.

Laptops and tablets

  • Hidden and encrypted drives that will keep data hidden and undetectable. Encryption will ensure that the data is not retrievable if stolen or lost.
  • Encrypted emails: ensuring that communications from devices are protected.
  • Malware resilience to negate infection of malware attacks from a range of sources.

Mobile Phones

  • 3e can provide a truly secure voice, video and text communication solution which includes real time geo-locating.