Personal Operating Security

Running a private family office can draw many threats and unwanted attention. Our business is to eliminate threats and avoid any unwanted attention, through detailed planning and meticulous execution of the highest level of security.

The safety and security of your office is our focus

3e can provide bespoke cyber security training and advice to companies and individuals that are easy to use, effective and suited to their IT capabilities.

Online Investigation

  • Our online investigations team utilise their extensive operational experience and techniques to analysis data and information from the internet for intelligence and risk assessment purposes.

Online/open source intelligence gathering

  • Analysis of online information can be used to ascertain what information is openly available about yourself or your company.
  • Online data analysis to conduct an in-depth investigation against a subject often for Due Diligence reporting purposes.


  • Modern techniques that can provide the physical location of a person via their internet and mobile phone use.

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