Digital Forensics

Recovery from cyber based attacks or internal fraud demands highly specialised capabilities typically covering a variety of skillsets including telecoms, software (including database management) and hardware. In the case of sophisticated and planned frauds, tools are required to analyse vast amounts of electronic data held in multiple repositories (often linked to phone lines) in order to identify evidence or trace movements.

Protecting your business is our business

3e can provide solutions for lost devices and for networks / terminals which have been infected by malware.  We can also deploy a specialist team in cases of actual or suspected fraud, misconduct, collusion or other breach of duty which can interrogate transactional data looking for suspicious patterns over multiple platforms and systems for evidential purposes.

In case of a lost, stolen or compromised device an assessment of that device can be conducted to determine what information could be extracted and used, which would allow the necessary changes to be implemented to security procedures.

Malicious software
Examination of devices in order to identify any possible implants, Trojans, spyware or malicious software.

Source integrity verification
Confirmation that the source of an email corresponds with the claims of the sender, identifies bogus emails used to extract sensitive information.

Data Recovery
Often used on devices discovered during an investigation or on a former employee’s company PC and mobile phone, the retrieval of hard and soft media can be extracted to provide intelligence such as call logs, text messages, emails, websites, locations, voicemails, photographs and videos.