Asset Recovery

If assets or data are misappropriated, specialist teams can be deployed to track them with the objective(s) of loss mitigation, physical recovery or prosecuting / litigating against the perpetrator(s).

Protecting your business is our business

Asset recovery can involve cash in electronic form that has been “wired” to a third party account, physical property or the enforcement of a legal judgement. Asset tracking can involve identifying hidden assets or resources which are suspected to exist.  Offshore structures, complex company groups and multi-jurisdictional presence can be used to deliberately hinder the locating of such assets.

3e’s investigation team draws upon extensive experience, a broad range of technical and operational resources, a network of international contacts and relationships and proprietary tools / methodologies. 3e is able to forensically examine electronic records, identify transaction paths, decipher complex company structures, locate (and if required recover) hidden and strategic assets and verify ownership information.