Due Diligence

Human fallability has many forms. The validity of decisions based purely on investment and financial analysis can be undermined by human factors

Protecting your business is our business

Relevant and fulsome intelligence is essential if informed investment decisions are going to be made and downside risk mitigated.  The technical and professional competence of “key men” is routinely tested by investors; but integrity, reliability, influences and attitudes are not.  3e provides human factor due diligence for clients before they enter into investments, joint ventures or complete mergers and acquisitions.

Investigation is conducted to confirm declared facts, and to discover undisclosed information such as criminality, financial irregularity, conflicts of interest, sources of influence, litigation risks, peccadillos or illicit activities, and rumours prior to contractual commitment.

The cost of not conducting effective due diligence can be high and extends beyond financial expense into reputational damage.