Computer and Mobile Phone Monitoring

Employers should make clear to staff that equipment provided (such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs) are for business use only. Employment contracts and staff handbooks should stipulate that usage of such equipment may be monitored and that personal material should not therefore be stored on such devices

Protecting your business is our business

The right to access data and records contained on company equipment can be a powerful evidential and investigative tool.  It can also be used to provide additional security and protection for both staff and confidential data.

Monitoring and retrieval can include:

  • Live monitoring of activity
  • Exception reports based around key word triggers
  • Recording of browser history and internet activity
  • Recovery of deleted e mails
  • Recovery of deleted chat and SMS messaging
  • Tracing and recovery of documents, including files saved to removable media (eg USB drives)
  • GPS based location tracking
  • Remote monitoring of equipment in the event of loss or theft

3e can also supply analytical and full technical support services.