22 Jun As our business grows, our team does too.

So, we have taken the time to craft an experienced and specialist board, ready to steer the success of 3e for years to come.

Heading up the team is CEO Daniel Dilks. Daniel set up 3e in 2008, wanting to pursue his passion for client satisfaction within the protection and surveillance industries. He is supported by Global Operations Director, Chris Evangelou, who developed a career in the commercial security sector before going on to join the British Intelligence Service.

Christine Dilks fulfils the role of HR and Legal Director, and has been responsible for the set-up of fifteen offices nationally, including the bespoke training of management staff.

Risk Services and Strategic Solutions are looked after by Fred Finan, who has formerly worked for the British Military Intelligence Services and has operational experience in over 49 countries.

Former academic and intelligence consultant Tamara Makarenko is a Senior Advisor, drawing experience from being exposed to some of the world’s most challenging business environments.

Gary Blowers joins as Marketing and Strategy Director, offering creative guidance and keeping brand at the centre of every decision.

Hannah Hayward and Andrew Henton are both Directors. Hannah looks after Corporate Development, and has a wealth of experience in the professional services and marine engineering sectors.

Andrew is a prize-winning chartered accountant with a proven record as a successful Financial Director.

3e are currently thriving in new markets – Cyprus and Canada, as well as exploring opportunities in Dubai and further afield. It is safe to say the board have a vital role to play with the continued development and the future success of 3e.

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