3e International is part of 3e Global, providing the safest choice for close protection, security, surveillance and investigations in the UK, Europe & worldwide.

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3e International offers a broad range of security and intelligence services, which can be adapted to your specific requirements.

3e International are experts in security, surveillance, corporate and private investigations: Irrespective of size or complexity 3e always ensure the very best service is consistently delivered with integrity, discretion, understanding and efficiency.  Our operatives are all highly trained professionals, former military and ex-government officers, who have been active in the world’s most hazardous, hostile environments and therefore, without question, take the utmost level of care in all their assignments.  3e gather intelligence thoroughly, purposefully assess current situations, evaluate and meticulously plan every stage of every operation.

3e International provide peace of mind for clients, no matter where they are located, to enable them to continue with their lives uninterrupted by threat or risk:  Whether our presence is required to be known (overt) or to be completely undetected (covert) our operatives are equally experienced and proficient in providing complete reassurance and have the total understanding that the protection of your brand, reputation and employees globally are of paramount importance. 3e International, have a client focused approach whose services are wholly bespoke for every client.

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Our team

The 3e International team is drawn from Government, Intelligence and Specialist Military backgrounds. All of whom have trained and operated to the highest echelons within the UK and worldwide.